About "The Piercer"

Being born and raised in Oakland, CA I knew early on that life was not easy. But growing up I saw that even through all the hard things life threw at those around me they all had one thing in common to get through it, hustle. The hustle was instilled in me early on and this trait and my talent have worked hand in hand to make me the young, successful woman I am today. 

My piercing journey began in the year 2006 while seeing my aunt piercing the neighborhood people around me with sewing needles and thread. While this was not the best method, this peaked my interest and from that point on I knew piercing was something I wanted to learn about and really dive into.

If you would have told me then that I would go on to pierce almost all of Oakland, attain a huge following, be dubbed "The Piercer" by my supporters, and have my own piercing place I probably would have laughed in your face and kept it moving. But this is my reality and it is one that has allowed me to progress in life and has opened so many doors for me!

It is important to me to always remain humble and provide my customers with the best service and piercings at a price accessible for all. My service and prices are unmatched with any other shop or major piercing company, and this is what my brand is ALL about!

This is only a small glance into my complex life and business, so if you're already a supporter or customer I hope you continue to support me and my brand! If you are new, welcome to the family! 



This website was a collaborative effort made with love and dedication from my awesome team! This group of people have been a great support system for me and my business. They are all unique and hardworking people with a special skill set to aid my vision. I can't wait to see where all our talents take us as a team!


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